Thursday, 1 January 2015

PES 2015 Arsenal Kitset

Ready in .dds format

DOWNLOAD NOW (Mediafire)


  1. how to use this file for PS3 system???
    I have PS3 jailbreak, I put all file in dt34.cpk.
    All parts of the kit has changed, but the sleeve part disappears.
    how to fix that. Thanks before

  2. i think the issue could be the 'tight' setting i've given the kit. have you changed the unicolour settings in the 'team' bin? Otherwise i don't know about editing on the ps3.

    1. i didn't find unicolor.bin in folder. Because of this i cant import kits to game. Fix it please

  3. I have sucses to convert your data to my PS3.
    But i have little problem. Player's name is located at the bottom of the back number. if this is so you make it ????

  4. Hi, i think the issue could be down to the team.bon settings, try downloading this tool.

    you can edit the kit settings :)


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